“SMART HOME” LLC was established in 2012 and started its activity in the field of Smart Building and Home Automation. The main focus of our company was to find the most appropriate technological solutions in this area and present them to customers. That is why we have imported goods produced abroad and started to sell and install in our country. But there was a desire within us to make 100% of the local production of these products together with local experts. We thought it was time to go a long way in this direction, thinking that these systems could be manufactured in Azerbaijan, offered to the domestic market and exported.

But again, it was almost as if something was missing, and it was really hard to come up with such a responsible job without the support of someone else. In the end, the main force that inspired us to make this decision was Mr. President, because his support for establishing and expanding local production is immense and we set out to work with our team to provide our customers with local and high-quality products.


Now I have good news for you.

We have already completed the work in this direction and have developed a software and hardware design with the local experts and have launched the ELSMART brand. This is not only the success of our company, but also the success and pride of our beloved Azerbaijan.

Our products, manufactured under the “ELSMART” trade mark, are distinguished for their high quality and for their selling price. This, in turn, gives us the confidence of consumers and allows us to compete successfully in the local and world markets.

“ELSMART” devices are programmed and manufactured by local experts. Our devices support protocols such as ELBUS and MBUS owned by our company. In addition, KNX plans to support internationally recognized protocols such as ZigBee and Z-wave. This will allow you to meet your own desires in any of your projects, complete your unfinished projects, and further improve your submitted projects.

Our areas of activity include smart home systems, as well as building automation, security systems, audio and video intercom systems, and the sale and installation of multimedia systems. An expert technical team of our company studies constantly evolving technological innovations and defines customer requirements. As a result, our product range, services and spectrum of activities are expanding every year.


As “SMART HOME” LLC, we offer high quality customer service at a time when the service area is unlimited. . Our main goal is to provide the customer with the information and experience we have acquired, to engage with the customer from the beginning to the end about quality and price, to take into account the clients’ opinions and find the right solutions. The goal is not to make money first, but to earn our clients and friends.

What is a smart home?

Smart home system

ELSMART - Smart home systems

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