Who WE Are


As “SMART HOME” LLC, we are engaged in the production and installation of Smart Building and Home Automation. Our company produces 25 names. Our products have been manufactured under the brand name ELSMART since 2017 as the first and only smart home and building management systems in Azerbaijan. The design of our electronic circuit boards (PCB) is manufactured by our company in accordance with the requirements. From software microchips to mobile (iOS and Android) software, all software updates are written by our company engineers. Our products are made by 100% local experts.



Professional staff

Our staff consists of skilled and professional staff.Our professional staff always serves you at the highest level.


High service

We offer high quality customer service at a time when service areas are endless.


Affordable price

Our main goal is to have constant dialogue with our customers on quality and price, to offer the right solutions, taking into account the clients' opinions.


Quality work

“SMART HOME” MMC offers you high quality work. The work done meets the relevant standards.


Completed projects

ELSMART - Smart home systems

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